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    The Ferrari is the ideal vehicle for impressing your Valentine’s Day date.

    Valentine’s Day is about so much more than chocolates, roses, and cliched gift ideas! Whether it’s your first or tenth anniversary, the goal is to show your partner how much they mean to you with a swoon-worthy gesture!

    You could plan a night at the park under the stars, a nice private dinner, or a long drive. Whatever your date plans are, it is critical that you transport your date in the appropriate vehicle.

    Ferrari Portofino M - deluxe car rental
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    Valentine’s Day Ferrari hire

    If you haven’t yet found the perfect luxury car for February 14th, there’s still time to consider hiring a Ferrari Portofino M for Valentine’s Day or one of the nearby weekends.

    So if you’ve decided to give someone a Valentine’s Day Ferrari hire experience… So how do you make the most of it, whether you’ve got one day, a weekend, or a 4-to-7 day Ferrari hire?

    Get Photographed With Luxury Car

    We’re more than happy for you to take photographs, and we’d recommend doing this at the start of the day, as you never know how much spare time will be left at the end.

    Get someone to take photos of the two of you together with the car, whether you’re posing by the side of it or sitting together in the Kings Domain, and you’ll have a more romantic keepsake than if you each take turns photographing the other on your own.

    photograph with ferrari
    Ferrari Car Hire

    Multi-day Ferrari Car Hire

    The drive itself is the most important part, so plan ahead of time, know where you’re going, and pay for the mileage you want to cover in advance because it’s smarter that way.

    Remember to leave time for a romantic picnic lunch, a meal at a fine restaurant, or, if you’ve booked a multi-day Ferrari hire car, a place to stay the night.

    Affordable Luxury Car Rental In Melbourne

    The luxurious Ferrari is red and it embodies everything Valentine’s Day is about – enjoying your loved one’s company while embracing the journey even before you arrive. The journey, as they say, is just as important as the destination.

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    The Ferrari is the ideal vehicle for impressing your Valentine’s Day date.

    With a wide variety of premium cars available on our site, the best premium car, we can offer to suit your date on Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. We can provide you with the luxurious Ferrari Portofino M for an affordable price of $3000 per day. Still out of budget for the daily rate? You can avail of our chauffeur service at an hourly rate.