Frequently Asked Questions

Only when a minimum of 50% of the rental fee has been paid as a deposit. This can be via EFT/Bank Depsoit, Visa/Mastercard/AMEX or even by cash when you attend our showroom.
Yes – your Security Deposit is separate to the Booking Deposit. A Security Deposit is taken before you are given the keys. The amount varies depending on all the typical risk factors: the value of the car, the cost of repairs and/or maintenance, the age of the driver, your driving style history from your previous rentals with us and our affiliates, and how respectful you have been throughout the rental process. This transaction is paid by credit card, bank transfer or cash, and we return it within 5-10 days of the vehicle’s ‘return without incident’.
It take 5-10 business days to get my security deposit refunded? Unfortunately, we have learnt this the hard way – with underbody impact damage and other mechanical damages not apparent to us with our typical visual inspection – so those precautions are necessary.
We make a cosmetic inspection when the car is returned, but we might discover damages soon after, for example, when we wash the car. Also, mechanical damages are not easily apparent, so we need a few days to determine if there are any other non-cosmetic issues arising from your hire.
At least 25 years old. We have two categories of vehicles: 25+ for Performance/Prestige vehicles, where the driver must be a minimum of 25+ years of age and hold a valid unrestricted license. A few of our vehicles have a 27+ restriction which we enforce for our piece of mind. 30+ for Supercars, where the driver must be of 30+ years of age and hold a valid unrestricted license.